Roland 50 Studio

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Roland has developed and released Roland 50 Studio.

(日本語バージョンはこちら→ https://vibesrecords.cc/news/3386/)

This desktop application is a digital reimagining of one of Roland's most famous and influential devices, allowing users to operate the SP-404MKII directly from their browser for 404 (404Day).

The article celebrating the 50th anniversary can be found below.

You can easily operate the TR-808 or SP 404MK2 on your desktop to make beats, record them, and download the finished sound files.It does not specify whether the sound files can or cannot be used for commercial purposes, but we do allowed sharing on social media.

Beats produced using the application→ Go to Official website Page.

And anyone can easily make it, so let's enjoy making it♪

What is beat making?

It is what is called "composing". Both track-making and beat-making can be a leyered of various sound sources, or a part in a solo instrument. It refers to the act of creating or producing it.

Both beatmaking and trackmaking are the same mean of creating a song. Today, we  can see some projects like the above all over the world, and I believe that we are in an environment where we can easily try samplers, DTM, DAW, etc.

Do you want to be able to make more?

Vibesrecords offers one-on-one lessons on how to compose music using samplers and drum machines, how to play them as instruments, and how to use DTM and DAW.

For details and application

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