DJ school for foreigner

DJ School for foreigner VIBESRECORDS DJ SCHOOL

Chill out in a spacious D.J booth, in a relaxed D.J. school.

【Just a short walk from Umegaoka station.】
『Everyone is welcome even if you`ve never D.Jed before!』

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Wether you want to learn how to D.J. as a hobby, learn to mix two songs together, increase
your skill level or learn new techniques, I can tailor the course to what you hope to achieve -
Improving specific areas or even starting from scratch!


DJ-YASU Profile

First timers are welcome! The lesson style is relaxed and friendly and designed to help you progress quickly!

1 Learn to use many kinds of equipment
2 A private one on one lesson - You set the pace! Learn at your own speed!
3 Informal and fun!

Lesson fees:

Enrollment fee: 15,000 yen (Including equipment)
Lesson fee: 19,440 yen (4 times per month.)
Additional equipment available by request.

Lesson time:

From 7:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. daily. Closed on Thursdays.
Blocks of lessons available from 2 months. Classes from beginner level up to
professional level available
Lessons are 60minutes and more.

Skill levels and gradings

When you feel ready, you can play to a crowd as a grading. If you do well, you will receive a
certificate for your skill level.
When you have attained a high grade and graduate from Vibesrecords D.J school, you can
enter a special professional level class.

Target based classes

Beginner D.Js, learning as a hobby or focusing on a specific set of skills - you set the goal!

Lesson structure

You can take a trial lesson and decide for yourself what you want to learn. Progress as and
when you feel ready.

Why should I pick Vibesrecords D.J. school?

Only five minutes walk from the station! One to one private lessons tailored to your goals,
beginners and English speakers are welcome. Wether you want to learn as a hobby or
become a pro, set your own pace and decide the rate of progression for yourself. We accept
credit card payment. Workshops are held most months. Occasionally there will be a chance
for you to meet other students at an event where everyone has the option to play a set.

Sign up for a trial lesson at: Here