Express yourself?1 Mixed By DJ-Y∀SU

Express yourself?1 Mixed By DJ-Y∀SU

EXPRESS YOURSELF?1 mixed by DJ-YASUを紹介します!カセットテープでリリースした作品です!力作です!是非聴いてみてください!

1.Ya Mama(matt dike remix) / the Pharcyde
2.Quinton's On The Way(skit) / The Pharcyde
3.Proceed Ⅳ / The Roots feat,Roy Ayers
4.Sobb Story / Leaders Of New School
5.Yo'Man It's Herbie / Down To The Bone
6.93'Til Infinity / Souls Of Mischief
7.Truly Unique(remix) / Aseru & Blue Black
8.Join & Jam / Black Eyed Peas
9.Cut Chemist Suite / Ozomatoli
10.I Just Shug A Lot / The Labrat
11.Still Telling Lies / Cuban Link feat,Tony Sunshine
12.Rule / Nas feat,Amerie
13.Thug Nature / 2Pac
14.Get On Up / Davey Dex
15.Everybode Come On / DJ Skribble
16.Down By Law / Boot Camp Click
17.That's The Join / Funky 4 Plus 1
18.Improvised Inspiration / The Roots
19.Outro(Continue To The B Side)

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